Ways to Improve CRM Hygiene: 5 AI Tools to Transform Your Business

Do you think your CRM data is unreliable?

Are you noticing that customer meetings are getting missed?

Opportunities are slipping through the cracks?

CRM has become unreadable with tons of duplicate or bad data.?

If yes, know that you are not the only one! Every sales leader today is facing the same challenge. AI tools are revolutionizing CRM hygiene, helping businesses streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive revenue growth.

AI Tools for CRM Hygiene: A Game-Changer for Your Business

  1. Einstein AI by Salesforce: This tool helps users update better CRM data by making sure that all the entered value is in the right format and has the ability to highlight any duplicate contacts.
  2. HubSpot AI: HubSpot's AI can identify and merge duplicate records on demand, ensuring that there's a single, unified profile for each customer or lead.
  3. Zoho CRM AI: Zoho's AI assists customer-facing teams to validate emails, phone numbers and other customer information while they are working with CRM.
  4. Pipedrive's AI Sales Assistant: This AI-powered assistant can highlight any data issues in your Pipedrive CRM to update and remove any duplicates.
  5. Flowy by Floworks: An all rounder AI assistant that works across Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Gmail, Calendar and more such tools, that can automatically find duplicates, flag incorrect data formats and check on correct user data across multiple tools to make sure that all your CRM data is always right.

Choosing the Right AI Tool for Your Business

Selecting the right AI tool depends on your business needs, budget, and existing tech stack. For example:

  1. if your company uses Salesforce the only options available to you are Einstein AI or Flowy. Evaluate the features, benefits, and user-friendliness of each tool.
  2. The important thing to remember while choosing any of these tools is also to check which other business tools does the AI connect with as the data hygiene problem spans across all the tools.
  3. Audit and streamline your sources of data to your CRM. Eliminate unnecessary and unreliable data streams to your CRM.
  4. Practice good CRM entry and data maintenance hygiene in the organization.
  5. Use tools like Flowy that make this process easier for the team and leaders.


Incorporating AI tools into your CRM strategy is no longer a luxury but a prescription.

For staying competitive in today's data-driven world, AI-powered tools elevate CRM hygiene by automating tasks and providing actionable insights. All this leads to higher customer engagement and better, informed sales. By integrating AI into your CRM ecosystem, you empower your team to make qualified decisions, drive revenue growth, and provide exceptional customer experiences.

Enhance your CRM hygiene today with the transformative power of AI. Contact us to understand more how Floworks can help you in your AI adoption journey.